Happy Hanukkah & Merry TV Composing!

Hello all!

Been on the quiet here still as I complete this term’s residency work with Immanuel College. But I will be back next term…!
The School play that was performed in late November went fantastically. The audience loved both the performances of the actors and from the musicians, so well done to them all! The new music was written by me who proved to be an interesting and challenging experience as it has been a while since I’ve written for amateur musicians for theatre. As the subject was about women being taken off as slaves after war, as well as child deaths and what nots; the music has been described ‘atmospheric’ by some; ‘woo, messed up!’ by some others which I take as a compliment! I have some samples tracks on Soundcloud already and may put more on soon…!

The Hannukah concert last night at Immanuel College also went very well and smoothly! Year 7s learnt their Hannukah songs very well and sung beautifully! They even bowed at the end together; a major achievement in itself! The vocal group which I run sung beautifully too, and I enjoyed the more ‘rocking’ performances of skyfall, summer of 69 & I particularly loved the percussion ensemble; it made me want to mess around with a drum kit. Or at least borrow a djembe again which I for the last Piccadilly Revisited performance…

On another note, I’m busy working on a new BBC World documentary series about modern ‘really’ wealthy people. It’s a 6 episode series and I’m really excited of the direction of music is going. Hopefully episode 1 music will be nailed and done by Christmas! And I’m still looking at new proposals and projects on top of this!

So lots going on behind the scenes as per usual here. Remember to follow me on twitter: @ruthchanmusic and like my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ruthchanmusic. I need more fans… 😉 !

Bye for now lovelies! Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah (Mazel tov!) or both!!