Ruth started her career as a musician, having made her first TV appearance when she was just nine years old. By the age of ten she was regularly accompanying for local choirs, leading her to perform at International Festivals such as the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod as well as frequently winning regional music competitions. Ruth read music at Oxford University, where she specialised in orchestration and composition. She continued her education at the Royal College of Music, obtaining a Masters in Composition for Screen, where she studied with leading film composers such as Patrick Doyle, Gabriel Yared, Joseph Horovitz and Dario Marianelli.

Ruth’s commissions include two suites of Children’s Songs, choral work ‘Lament for Ying of the Nine Declarations’ and ‘Pilgrimage of the Heart’. Her recent composition of ‘Piccadilly Revisited’ is a contemporary multimedia piece with silent film that was performed at the Royal Opera House, the Thames Festival, the Hong Kong Arts Festival and as well as at the Beijing International Film Festival in April 2012. Although she is classically trained, Ruth has a great interest in contemporary ethnic fusion music. This has led her to work on a variety of ethnic themed soundtracks and pieces. Her new orchestral work, ‘As in a Dream’ was written for both Western and Chinese instruments, and was recently performed at West Road Hall in Cambridge.
She has worked with numerous musicians including Indian and Japanese flautists, Chinese lutenists, percussionists, tabla players and singers such as renowned Tibetian singer Soname Yangchen. She also uses electronic sounds in her work as well as creating live sound effects sampling in some of her performances.

Ruth is also a renowned composer for film and television. Film scores include the award winning ‘The Winter Sun is a Lie’ (Director: Nassim Abassi), ‘Undertow’ (Director: Neil McEmery-West) and ‘The Doll’ (Director: Naoki Maeda). Recent TV documentaries include ‘Attack of the Pentagon’ (Discovery Channel), ‘The Trouble with Pirates’ (BBC Storyville) & ECO Crime Investigators (National Geographic Channel). In 2002, Ruth was one of seven young composers selected to compose and conduct a piece for the film ‘Metropolis’ (1929) for a BAFTA workshop led by Gabriel Yared. This experience had led to her interest on working with silent films. She has also previously worked as composer’s assistant to critically acclaimed Dario Marianelli, collaborating on films such as ‘The Brothers Grimm’, ‘Goodbye Bafana’ and ‘Pride & Prejudice’ (nominated for Best Score at the 2006 Academy awards).