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    1. erika

      hi ruth

      i’ve been looking at your site and listening to some of your music and wonder if there might be any possibility of working with you on a project of mine. I am an artist working in moving image – often installation involving multiple screens. i am currently working on a project around ideas of contemporary chinoiserie…. the piece is using a national trust building in plymouth to persue ideas around the telling of histories. rather then go into too much detail on this site, i could instead send you further details. the upshot however is that i am looking for 2 pieces of mucis. the first is perhaps more about finding suitable music that speaks to contemporary global pop culture and the second is a piece that would be a new work using or referencing a collection of material i have researched which has a ‘chinoiserie’ connection through title, lyrics or sounds. my thoughts are that the work is a -reappropriation. on top of this though is the fact that it would then be used as a sound track to a scene which also speaks about sampling but in dance form… i.e. break/hiphop…. the over all piece however is not a dance video/music video, but this section comes at the end of something much more somber and slo!

      anyway- if any of this is of interest, please get in touch.

      vb, erika

    2. Ralf

      hello ruth, how are you? many years no speak!

      i’m updating the site. one great element i would like to retain is your beautiful soundtrack.

      i wondered if you could email me the sound file of the music piece please. that would be amazing!

      of course you would be credited on the new site.

      many thanks

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