Happy New Year 2014: BBC 2 Doc/A Long Way Down


It’s been a busy period moving house along with working on some new exciting projects! Pictures of my new studio are on my twitter feed: @ruthchanmusic.

I’m pleased to announce that I am currently working on a documentary series about British Airways which will be on BBC 2 this April. I get to write some quirky tunes and explore iconic British music so it has been very exciting so far!

I’ve also recently did some orchestration for the upcoming feature film ‘A Long Way Down’ starring Pierre Brosman and Toni Collette. The score by Dario Marianelli is fab and the film is great too! Here is the latest trailer:


Until next time!


The Great Summer Move!

Hi Everyone!

It has been a little while since I’ve put up any news. That’s mainly because I have been moving house to somewhere lovelier, with an upgraded studio! I’ll post some work-in-progress photos on twitter soon! I have also been learning how to play the ‘erhu’, which is a 2 string Chinese fiddle instrument.

I have still been working on proposals and developing new project ideas, some may happen soon so watch this space!

In the meantime, I have recently written some music for a promo vid for Aston Martin & Jaegar Lecoultre. Check it out!

Hope you like it, and you can also catch all my updates on my twitter account: @ruthchanmusic

Bye for now!


Update for May 2013

Hello Lovelies!

It has been a while since I’ve blogged! I had been busy finishing off a TV doc series called ‘Changing Fortunes’ for BBC World which was broadcast in Feb & Mar 2013. An intense but rather fun project to work on!

I’m now working on initiating some new live projects for next year and 2015 as well as doing what I’ve been meaning to do for a long while, learn how to play the Erhu; a lovely 2 string Chinese fiddle instrument! I’ve also been exploring new genres and technology! So for now, I’m back to lurking in the shadows but look out soon for some exciting news…!

All my little adventures are also on my twitter: @ruthchanmusic

Bye for now!


BBC World News: ‘Changing Fortunes’ series

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good restful Christmas, Hannukah and New Year!

Just to let you know that I’m currently finishing up writing the music for a TV doc series which will be transmitted soon! It’s called ‘Changing Fortunes’ and will be broadcast weekly on BBC World News from 2 Feb on Saturdays at 01.30; 15:30, and Sundays at 09:30; 20:30 (all times GMT).

For more details, do go to this link:

I’ve also got some potential performances coming up along with some new projects, so watch this space!

Bye for now!


Happy Hanukkah & Merry TV Composing!

Hello all!

Been on the quiet here still as I complete this term’s residency work with Immanuel College. But I will be back next term…!
The School play that was performed in late November went fantastically. The audience loved both the performances of the actors and from the musicians, so well done to them all! The new music was written by me who proved to be an interesting and challenging experience as it has been a while since I’ve written for amateur musicians for theatre. As the subject was about women being taken off as slaves after war, as well as child deaths and what nots; the music has been described ‘atmospheric’ by some; ‘woo, messed up!’ by some others which I take as a compliment! I have some samples tracks on Soundcloud already and may put more on soon…!

The Hannukah concert last night at Immanuel College also went very well and smoothly! Year 7s learnt their Hannukah songs very well and sung beautifully! They even bowed at the end together; a major achievement in itself! The vocal group which I run sung beautifully too, and I enjoyed the more ‘rocking’ performances of skyfall, summer of 69 & I particularly loved the percussion ensemble; it made me want to mess around with a drum kit. Or at least borrow a djembe again which I for the last Piccadilly Revisited performance…

On another note, I’m busy working on a new BBC World documentary series about modern ‘really’ wealthy people. It’s a 6 episode series and I’m really excited of the direction of music is going. Hopefully episode 1 music will be nailed and done by Christmas! And I’m still looking at new proposals and projects on top of this!

So lots going on behind the scenes as per usual here. Remember to follow me on twitter: @ruthchanmusic and like my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ruthchanmusic. I need more fans… 😉 !

Bye for now lovelies! Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah (Mazel tov!) or both!!


Residency & General blogging: 19.11.12


Just a short post about what’s going on in my life!

Things seems rather quiet here, but idea has been bubbling away…I have finished writing the music for the next play Immanuel College ‘Trojan Women’ which will be performed later next week. There has been some great young musicians who has taken on the whole new challenge and experience of playing ‘incidental music’ rather well…!

Other news; I’ve started working on the music for a new BBC World series, out in 2013. And just finishing off some exciting albums for EMI Music Productions.

Watch this space.

Bye for now!


Composer in Residence for Immanuel College


It has been a while. I have been away from the limelight for a couple of months, looking at new ideas and projects.

However, I can officially announce that I am now the Composer-in-residence for Immanuel College in Bushey, London. I have been looking at ways to explore further new music for the school, as well as composing some material for their next theatre production. Happy days!

More news to come about upcoming work.

Bye for now!


Interview with GBTimes now online

Hey everyone!

I’ve been quietly relaxing from my week off the Jubilee Bank holidays – I hope everyone had a great time! But I’ve also been quietly developing on a few new project ideas, and playing some of my new instruments. Watch this space!

In the meantime, Part 2 of my interview with GBTimes’s article is now online! It focuses on UK Now in China, and my experiences in China. Enjoy!


Until next time…


Peacock film featuring Amarjit Chandan


My new recent work on the soundtrack for the art film ‘Peacock’ by Madi Boyd & Kuldip Powars was recently performed at Rich Mix, London in April. The poetry and voiceover is by the legendary Punjabi poet, Amarjit Chandan. It was a real pleasure to meet him and record his beautiful, poetic voice. We’ll be developing on this work further so watch this space!


Back in the UK Now! (Bad pun I know!)

Hello everyone

I’ve had a fantastic time in Beijing, performing ‘Piccadilly Revisited’ as part of the UK Now Festival 2012, supported by the British Council. I met alot of interesting and inspiring people, packed with their own special traditions and cultures. I saw some Beijing Opera, Tan Dun in a film music forum, overheard a rehearsal of a choir singing beautifully some Chinese National ‘Revolutionary songs’ (I think!), as well as listening to some Mandarin style new rock music! Watch this space as I may post some videos of these experiences soon!

Also my recent work for a new art film ‘Peacock’ by Kuldip Powars & Madi Boyd, based on the poems ‘The Peacock’ by the great Punjabi poet, Amarijt Chandon was recently screened at Rich Mix, London. We are hoping to develop this further but video to come soon as well!

Bye for now!