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Happy New Year 2016!


I hope you all had a fab Christmas and New Year!

I have a few projects brewing under the belt right now. I can firstly say that I have completed my project and soundtrack with the BFI which is called ‘Around China with a Movie Camera’, which is a great collection of early silent films of China. Keep your eyes peeled for news of the cinema release of the film which should be later this year, hopefully with the odd live music performance from myself and gang!

Other news: I have just completed a very interesting short film which will be on festival release soon, and helped out on a series which stars Michael Roux Jr.!

More great things to follow in 2016 I’m sure!


Tete a Tete Festival 2015 & BFI Project


It has been a rather busy few months so my updates has been rather infrequent! Let me update on a few things that has been happening for 2015.

Firstly I composed and performed a piece for ‘Project New Moon’ in February in 3 venues in London: Rich Mix, The Albany in Deptford and at Trafalgar square for Chinese New Year celebrations. That was great fun, and I got to work with some Chinese instrumentalists along with a harpist, cellist & percussionist.

Then I went straight to Hong Kong in March as I’ve written a soundtrack for a contemporary dance piece for part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2015.

Since then I have been working hard on finishing a new score and soundtrack for the BFI (British Film Institute) on a new project called “Around China with a Movie Camera) featuring a large collections of old footages of China in the early 20th Century. This has been a rather personal for me, and it’s been an honour that I could be involved in presenting such historical documentary of my heritage. this is due to be released in late October.

I was also the musical director and re-arranger for a R&D project called ‘Turandot Reimagined’, which as the title suggests, re-imagine the story and music of Puccini’s iconic opera Turandot to be in a more authentic setting of the story of Yuen dynasty China consisting of Chinese instrumentation and elements of early Chinese opera. This was performed at the Tete a tete Festival in July 2015. The feedback was excellents, and I had the extra privilege of being interviewed by TV Channels from China and Chinese newspapers of the UK!

That’s it for now! I’m sure I’ll have more adventures to share later on!

Bye for now!

My Hong Kong Experience 2014


It’s been a fascinating experience so far in Hong Kong. I’m learning so much about Chinese Instrumentation just by observing lots of rehearsals with HKCO. I’m also watching so many shows and meeting so many talented musicians and artists; I am so looking forward to hopefully work with some of them in the future. I’m having an amazing time here.

Hopefully more news to come soon! As soon as I’m back in the UK I’ll blog my experience in more details. Watch this space!



The Last Days of Limehouse

Hi everyone!

Just a quick update the play I am currently work on music composition and music supervision, ‘The Last Days of Limehouse’ will be performing from Weds 16th July – Sun 3rd Aug (Wed-Sat 7.30pm, Sun 5pm) @ Limehouse Town Hall, 646 Commercial Road, London E14 7HA

The subject is about the original old Chinatown in Limehouse; I’ve been having alot of fun finding the old ‘Limehouse’ sounds and feel! So do venture into the good olde East End to watch this if you can!

Bye for now!

Ruth x

BBC 2 ‘A very British Airline’ now on Iplayer


For anyone who missed the first episode of ‘A very British Airline’, you can now watch it on BBC iplayer for the next couples of weeks. The series continue with Episode 2 on Monday 9th June @ 9pm on BBC 2.
I had alot of fun creating the music for this series, so I hope you enjoy it!

A Very British Airline – Episode 1 on BBC iplayer

Ruth x

BBC 2 ‘A Very British Airline’ series on air!


Just to let you all know that the 3 part documentary series I’ve worked on earlier this year will now be shown on BBC 2 Mondays from 2nd June, 9pm.

Happy viewing!


Happy New Year 2014: BBC 2 Doc/A Long Way Down


It’s been a busy period moving house along with working on some new exciting projects! Pictures of my new studio are on my twitter feed: @ruthchanmusic.

I’m pleased to announce that I am currently working on a documentary series about British Airways which will be on BBC 2 this April. I get to write some quirky tunes and explore iconic British music so it has been very exciting so far!

I’ve also recently did some orchestration for the upcoming feature film ‘A Long Way Down’ starring Pierre Brosman and Toni Collette. The score by Dario Marianelli is fab and the film is great too! Here is the latest trailer:


Until next time!


The Great Summer Move!

Hi Everyone!

It has been a little while since I’ve put up any news. That’s mainly because I have been moving house to somewhere lovelier, with an upgraded studio! I’ll post some work-in-progress photos on twitter soon! I have also been learning how to play the ‘erhu’, which is a 2 string Chinese fiddle instrument.

I have still been working on proposals and developing new project ideas, some may happen soon so watch this space!

In the meantime, I have recently written some music for a promo vid for Aston Martin & Jaegar Lecoultre. Check it out!

Hope you like it, and you can also catch all my updates on my twitter account: @ruthchanmusic

Bye for now!


Update for May 2013

Hello Lovelies!

It has been a while since I’ve blogged! I had been busy finishing off a TV doc series called ‘Changing Fortunes’ for BBC World which was broadcast in Feb & Mar 2013. An intense but rather fun project to work on!

I’m now working on initiating some new live projects for next year and 2015 as well as doing what I’ve been meaning to do for a long while, learn how to play the Erhu; a lovely 2 string Chinese fiddle instrument! I’ve also been exploring new genres and technology! So for now, I’m back to lurking in the shadows but look out soon for some exciting news…!

All my little adventures are also on my twitter: @ruthchanmusic

Bye for now!


BBC World News: ‘Changing Fortunes’ series

Hello everyone!

I hope you had a good restful Christmas, Hannukah and New Year!

Just to let you know that I’m currently finishing up writing the music for a TV doc series which will be transmitted soon! It’s called ‘Changing Fortunes’ and will be broadcast weekly on BBC World News from 2 Feb on Saturdays at 01.30; 15:30, and Sundays at 09:30; 20:30 (all times GMT).

For more details, do go to this link:

I’ve also got some potential performances coming up along with some new projects, so watch this space!

Bye for now!