Lockdown update

Hello world

I thought I’d give a little update of what I’ve been up to since before and during lockdown.
So all my upcoming shows have been postponed to 2021 – no surprises there. The international tour of ‘Taming of the Shrew’ (RSC) had to be cancelled and the plans to tour ‘Madam Butterfly’ (Opera Up Close) again for later this year/early 2021 were stopped which is all rather sad.

But I have been continuing to develop various projects, for theatre and for film. Hopefully I can share some good news soon but in the meantime, I’m staying fairly quiet from social media due to my current situation (sad personal reasons) and to protect my health; but I have been digesting the recent campaign of #BlackLivesMatter, educating myself further to become a better advocate in the future.

Here is a ‘Artist in Quarantine’ blog I wrote for Genesis Foundation a while back (but only coming out now) who kindly supported me when I was on the National Theatre’s Music Theatre Group back in 2018/19:

Genesis Foundation – Artists in Quarantine – Ruth Chan

Please take care of yourselves in these unprecedented worryingly times and stay safe

Bye for now