Tete a Tete Festival 2015 & BFI Project


It has been a rather busy few months so my updates has been rather infrequent! Let me update on a few things that has been happening for 2015.

Firstly I composed and performed a piece for ‘Project New Moon’ in February in 3 venues in London: Rich Mix, The Albany in Deptford and at Trafalgar square for Chinese New Year celebrations. That was great fun, and I got to work with some Chinese instrumentalists along with a harpist, cellist & percussionist.

Then I went straight to Hong Kong in March as I’ve written a soundtrack for a contemporary dance piece for part of the Hong Kong Arts Festival 2015.

Since then I have been working hard on finishing a new score and soundtrack for the BFI (British Film Institute) on a new project called “Around China with a Movie Camera) featuring a large collections of old footages of China in the early 20th Century. This has been a rather personal for me, and it’s been an honour that I could be involved in presenting such historical documentary of my heritage. this is due to be released in late October.

I was also the musical director and re-arranger for a R&D project called ‘Turandot Reimagined’, which as the title suggests, re-imagine the story and music of Puccini’s iconic opera Turandot to be in a more authentic setting of the story of Yuen dynasty China consisting of Chinese instrumentation and elements of early Chinese opera. This was performed at the Tete a tete Festival in July 2015. The feedback was excellents, and I had the extra privilege of being interviewed by TV Channels from China and Chinese newspapers of the UK!

That’s it for now! I’m sure I’ll have more adventures to share later on!

Bye for now!