Back in the UK Now! (Bad pun I know!)

Hello everyone

I’ve had a fantastic time in Beijing, performing ‘Piccadilly Revisited’ as part of the UK Now Festival 2012, supported by the British Council. I met alot of interesting and inspiring people, packed with their own special traditions and cultures. I saw some Beijing Opera, Tan Dun in a film music forum, overheard a rehearsal of a choir singing beautifully some Chinese National ‘Revolutionary songs’ (I think!), as well as listening to some Mandarin style new rock music! Watch this space as I may post some videos of these experiences soon!

Also my recent work for a new art film ‘Peacock’ by Kuldip Powars & Madi Boyd, based on the poems ‘The Peacock’ by the great Punjabi poet, Amarijt Chandon was recently screened at Rich Mix, London. We are hoping to develop this further but video to come soon as well!

Bye for now!